When a referee told Lucasville, Kentucky, high school football player Luke Keller in 2011 that he’d be ejected from the championship game if he kept praising God, he was devastated, because he believed God had called him to play the game.

Keller had been used to kneeling in the end zone after every touchdown and pointing toward heaven, and the officials wanted that to stop. But what happened as a result has gone viral on the Internet.

During his junior year, Keller had decided not to play football again. He had been diagnosed with separation-anxiety disorder, his father had left the family, his grandmother had passed and and his grandfather was sent to prison.

Keller developed overwhelming depression and considered suicide — but he credits God for his transformation and for saving his life.

Keller told the Portsmouth Daily Times, “I was in the middle of mowing my grass and was so completely overwhelmed because I truly didn’t believe in God before.”

Keller felt that God wanted him to return to playing football, so he played his senior year. But the request from the referee came as a hurtful surprise.

“I thought if they want to keep me from glorifying God and they want to throw me out of the game, let them throw me out of the game,” Keller said. “It’s nothing compared to what God has done in my life.”

At halftime, his sister passed him a note simply reading, “Be patient and let God work.”

After he scored a touchdown in the second half of the game, Keller hesitated to pray …. but discovered the crowd of about 7,000 was on its knees pointing to the sky as he had been doing to glorify God.

Source: Official Orders Football Player To Stop Pointing To Heaven, So His Sister Writes Viral Note