Obama’s feds are importing 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S.

This is something every American needs to know.

As the Syrian immigration crisis spreads across Europe, it’s also coming across the pond to the United States, as well. Figures show that the Obama administration plans to resettle at least 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year in the United States.

However, with these numbers come worries, and not just that the Syrian refugees are going to swamp communities and local governments with demands that they simply can’t handle. Letting in Syrian refugees could result in something far more serious.

According to Zero Hedge, media reports have indicated that there are indeed Islamic State group terrorists posing as refugees to gain access to Western nations. Given the group’s stated target of staging large-scale attacks from American ground, this is disturbing information for anyone in or near the resettlement communities.

As of right now, 1,800 Syrians have been resettled within the United States. American officials have visited refugee camps in the Middle East for interviews with additional possible resettlement candidates.

A new refugee to the United States is housed in one of 180 refugee centers across the United States, seen here:


The list of places includes large cities like Miami, Phoenix and Los Angeles, all the way to small hamlets like Colchester, Vermont (H/T Mad World News).

Source: Obama’s Feds Are Importing 10,000 Syrian Refugees Into America… The Refugee Centers Could Be Near You