President Barack Obama has a way of spinning the truth, and his announcement earlier this week that the U.S.-led military coalition is hitting Islamic State group targets like training camps “harder than ever” doesn’t seem to have convinced everyone.

Or anyone.

According to officials, a total of 20 camps in Syria and Iraq have been hit since May. Critics have said, however, that not enough of those hits are striking training camps — the same camps that are spewing out 1,000 militants every month.

“These camps give them a continuous, fresh flow of fighters,” an unnamed critic from the Obama administration stated. “Little is being done to destroy them.”

The military also shed light on the fact that they have been kept from attacking the camps. Many of the camps are strategically located near residential population centers, and therefore strikes could cause civilian casualties.

Obama is very wary about striking anywhere that may produce civilian deaths and therefore is avoiding those areas.

However, the Islamic State group knows this. Why do you think they place their training camps in those areas in the first place?


Between the United States and coalition partners, nearly 9,000 airstrikes have been launched since last year. The Obama administration has been quick to claim that they will wipe out the terror group, destroying its “fighting positions, bunkers, and staging areas; their heavy weapons, bomb-making factories, and compounds.”

But many attacks that have been claimed by the Islamic State group radicals abroad have been carried out by small groups of militant fighters. Wiping out heavy weapons has very little effect on the group’s ability to carry out those types of attacks.

Bill Roggio reported in Long War Journal that the number of both the Islamic State group’s and Al Qaeda’s training camps are rising.

“It is unclear if U.S. airstrikes have significantly set back the Islamic State’s training program,” Roggio said. “We may not be hitting the training facilities quick enough to make a difference.”

Source: TREASON: Barack H. Obama Makes Bombshell Announcement About ISIS… Military Furious