Obama Vows to Move On Gun Control With Lawless Executive Action Click to Tweet

Speaking from Paris, France, on December 1, President Obama criticized the lack of gun control in the U.S. and pledged to remain focused on using executive action to enact new controls where possible.

Obama is in Paris for a conference on climate change.

During a press conference, Obama was asked about the November 27 Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood attack that killed two civilians and a police officer. He responded by claiming “mass shootings” are a something specifically American–a problem not witnessed in other countries–then criticized Congressional inaction toward passing more gun control.

According to Bloomberg, Obama said:

In the United States we have the power to do more to prevent what is just a regular process of gun homicides, that is unequaled by multiples of five, six, [or] ten, and I think the American people understand that. So my hope is that, once again, this spurs a conversation and action.

He said that “Congress, states, and local governments” need to act, and he made it clear he “will continue to focus on what [he] can do administratively,” which is something he has been threatening to do since a gunman opened fire in the gun free zone at Umpqua Community College on October 1.

Source: Obama Pledges Executive Action on Gun Control