Last week, a writer over at The Washington Post penned an absolutely bizarre column in which he argued that the federal government should proffer reparations to black people by giving them five-thirds of a vote, thus making their votes worth more than those of everyone else.

“A five-thirds compromise would imbue African Americans with a larger political voice that could be used to fight the structural discrimination expressed in housing, education, criminal justice and employment,” Theodore R. Johnson, a former White House fellow and current Ph.D. candidate in law and policy at Northeastern University, argued.

He basically believes that the only solution to the “structural disadvantages” that allegedly plague the black community — “disadvantages” that race-baiters like him blame on racism — is to institute a policy that is itself racist beyond belief.

“If racism is the culprit, then dismantling it requires the same tools that constructed it,” he added.

I guess he really believes in fighting fire with… horrifically unjust racism.

Implementing this racist policy would of course greatly benefit the Democrat party, which is strongly favored by the black population. Had this rule been in place during the 2014 midterm election, for instance, the Republicans might not have won both the House and Senate.

Furthermore, Johnson proposed putting this rule in place for 24 years, which would give the Democrats plenty of time to completely destroy what’s left of the country.

Source: SHOCK: Race Baiters Make Disturbing Move to Change What YOUR Vote Is Worth… Spread This