Obama didn’t want them to say this.

Just days after President Barack Obama‘s latest effort to downplay the fears of the American people about the risk of imminent acts of terrorism by radical Islamic jihadists, the State Department issued a warning showing such fears were legitimate.

According to Fox News, the State Department on Saturday issued an “urgent message” warning American citizens about the potential for an attack in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad over the holiday season.

The message came after the agency revealed it had acquired “threat information” about the likely targeting of American citizens in the region, especially near places of worship and shopping centers.

This warning was in addition to a direct travel warning pertaining to Pakistan issued by the State Department in August, as well as a more generalized world-wide travel warning issued following the attacks in Paris in November.

U.S. citizens in the region were advised to “exercise particular caution” over the holiday season and minimize the time spent in locations where large numbers of people congregate, such as public markets, restaurants, hotels, places of worship and similar locations where terrorism is more likely to occur.

Though the Obama administration has been loathe to admit it, the same “urgent” warning for Americans to “exercise particular caution” during the holiday season can likely be applied here at home, where large gatherings of people, such as at shopping malls and holiday events, are most certainly potential targets for attack by radical Islamic jihadists.

Source: Obama Tries To Calm America Over Terrorism Fears… Days Later, State Department Issues Warning