commander in chief

He is truly the worst commander in chief we’ve ever had!

Last Friday, White House spokesman Josh Earnest announced that President Barack Obama planned to deploy a minimum of 50 special operations in Syria to simply “assist,” reported U.S. News & World Report.

“We have already found that pairing some U.S. forces … with Iraqi forces in a strictly train, advise and assist role has been effective in enhancing the capacity of those forces in the fight against ISIL,” Earnest explained at a news briefing.

Obama himself reiterated this during an interview with NBC News three days later, saying, “I’ve been consistent throughout that we are not going to be fighting, like we did in Iraq, with battalions and occupations.”

“That doesn’t solve the problem,” he added.

This announcement did not sit well with retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Allen West


“The nature of the Middle East is that people there only respect strength and might,” he wrote on his blog on Wednesday. “The Kurds are renowned fighters; they do not need babysitters. No one will respect our troops if you send them over to just coordinate delivery of supplies and ammo. If that’s the case, send UPS.”

“So what happens when the enemy shoots at our troops, huh Mr. President?” West asked. “That’s called a firefight. Do they run away or do they return fire and kill the enemy?”

Allen adding that sending “our warriors into harm’s way and with the caveat that they’re not there to be fighting” is “beyond insane,” especially given that Obama gets to sit at home, protected at all times by armed Secret Service agents.

Apparently, Obama is too busy mocking the GOP and fighting the alleged threat of climate change to concern himself with the well-being of those soldiers whose lives he is about to put at great risk.

Obama is, West said, “playing a deadly game with the lives of our troops.”

Source: Obama Makes INSANE Move Against U.S. Military… This WILL Cost Lives