Social media is roaring with angry backlash against the Democratic Party, which tweeted a photo of the president eating ice cream on Friday along with a decidedly un-patriotic message that said nothing to honor military sacrifices, but rather a bubbly “Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone!”

While CNN’s Jake Tapper called out the post by @TheDemocrats — “respectfully, this is notDisgustingDems what Memorial Day Weekend is all about,” he scolded — others also lashed out as well, with one calling their post “utterly clueless.”

The party’s tweet, posted Friday,  Simply said “Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone!” and showed Obama eating ice cream while the press corps took his picture, rather than using the space to remember the sacrifices of military members who lost their lives. Tapper, who has a history of supporting veterans as well, and was quick to slam the Democrats for their non-patriotic, beginning-of-summer Memorial Day tweet.

Source: CNN’s Tapper Slams Democrats For Non-Patriotic Memorial Day Tweet