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Great America PAC

“He’s going to need help. The Democrat world is going to raise extraordinary sums of money. They’re licking their chops.”

Ed Rollins, Great America PAC Co-Chairman

Dar Fellow American,

Ed Rollins, Ronald Reagan’s victorious 1984 re-election campaign manager, couldn’t be more right.

Donald J. Trump has run an unprecedented campaign of truly historic proportions, self-funding his Republican Presidential Primary effort and generating massive support among a record-setting, highly-motivated, truly grassroots voting public ready for real change.

Now, after his dominating win in Indiana and the exit of his final GOP challengers — he’s our presumptive nominee…

…And he’s heading into an historic showdown with Hillary Clinton and her billion-dollar buzz saw Clinton Democrat political machine.

Donald Trump needs the help of every American patriot tired of Washington, DC establishment elites running our country into the ground — and he needs it now.

That’s why I stepped up to help lead Great America PACand why I’m directly appealing to you today.

We’ve already run over $1 million in television ads to defend Mr. Trump and united more than a million new supporters behind his campaign, but I’m telling you right now, we’re taking this to a whole new level.

As the Wall Street Journal just made clear, Great America PAC is now the number one PAC supporting the election of Donald Trump as our next President of the United States! Ed Rollins — Mr. Trump calls him “tremendous”– is on board, Dr. Ben Carson just hosted our inaugural national conference call, and we’re building out the plan to hire dozens of new staffers, and dynamic new additions to our finance committee.

But we’re going to need the support of energized, wide-awake patriots who know just how difficult it will be to defeat the shameless Hillary Clinton and her globalist Big Government special interest limousine liberal donor class with literally billions of your stolen tax dollars to burn to elect her.

Now is the time!

Please step forward today and extend your difference-making financial support to this great American movement to make our beloved country truly great again — make a generous contribution of $25, $50, $75, or even $100 or more to Great America PAC today!


Eric Beach
National Co-Chair, Great America PAC

P.S. Donald Trump has done it all on his own so far — but now it’s time for every American who yearns to restore our country’s prosperity, freedom, security, and greatness to come together for Mr. Trump! Please make your urgent gift to support Great America PAC’s efforts today! Thanks, Eric




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