NYPD Cops Went Undercover as ‘Muslims’ & Here’s What They Found… Click to Tweet


A recent undercover sting by an NYPD officer at Brooklyn College produced some rather startling results about the Islamic communities throughout the greater New York City area.

According to Gothamist, the police officer spent four years undercover befriending students in the school’s Islamic Society in order to spy on the school’s Muslim students— a plan that directly contradicts Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s 2014 declaration to end surveillance on Muslim individuals in the city.

As a result of the sting, Gothamist reported that two Queens residents, Noelle Velentzas and Asia Siddiqui, were arrested and charged with allegedly planning to build a bomb. Per the criminal filing against the two women, Siddiqui had four propane gas tanks and instructions for how to turn them into explosive devices at her home.

Moreover, the two women had allegedly engaged in in-depth conversations with the undercover officer about their plans.

There is no evidence, however, that the women were in the midst of planning a specific attack at the time of their arrest. In addition, the criminal complaint notes that Velentzas wanted to target police or military personnel and not any “regular” people.

Nonetheless, many students at the state-supported liberal arts university say that they now feel violated knowing that an undercover police officer was amongst them for the last four years…

Source: NYPD Cops Went Undercover as ‘Muslims’ & Here’s What They Found…