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HOUSTON, Texas — #PrayforHouston was trending on Twitter on Saturday after Houston police officers had to shoot an armed black man who pointed a gun at them. Alva Braziel died at the scene in Houston around 12:30 Saturday morning after officers fired what was reported  as numerous shots at the man.

Fox 26 in Houston reported that police officers repeatedly asked Braziel to put down his weapon, but Braziel raised the gun to the sky, then he pointed his weapon at the officers. He was standing in the middle of the road in Sunnyside, a predominately black neighborhood in Houston.

The local ABC affiliate reported that a bystander, Eric Puckett told them, “It’s like we got a target on our back even if we innocent, it hurts. You don’t even want to walk outside your house no more. But to all the young black men and young black women out there, all black people do something positive.”

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Source: Tensions High in Houston After Police Forced to Shoot Armed Black Man Waving Gun