So Megyn Kelly is the new ratings bad-ass and won’t apologize to front-runner Donald Trump for clearly going after him personally and unprofessionally during the first GOP debate? We can all at least agree she did a despicable job as a moderator, right?

Apologize? Nooooo, Megyn says she stands by her actions because, darn it, that’s her job!!

Well, it doesn’t surprise me, because this is by no means the first time that Ms. Kelly – in her zeal to appear to be tough on both sides – has beligerently, falsely and without provocation attacked and smeared someone on the right: by Baron Von Kowenhoven


In October of 2013, on her prime-time Fox News show, Megyn Kelly viciously slandered Samuel “Joe The Plumber” Wurzelbacher as a bigot and labled him a contemptible example of a hateful white male coming from “the Right.” Why?

Well, that day a satirical article entitled; ‘America Needs A White Republican President;” was re-posted on Wurzelbacher’s media website ( and various other sites.

So… probably without getting past the first sentence and in her lust to prove she’s the “moderate” Fox News needs to start slicing into the whole Amercan viewing pie… She struck!!

High upon her new Fox News perch – complete with nostrils flaring – Ms. Kelly condemned and derided Joe the Plumber for this repugnant missive she wanted her audience (and her bosses, no doubt) to believe he had written.

She scolded, poo-poo’d, scowled and grimaced like Keith Olbermann stuck at an NRA convention, depicting the article and it’s author as a prime example of hate-filled racism from “The Right.”

According to the new and different ‘Fair & Balanced’ blonde sensation; Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher – who may I remind you single-handedly outed Barack Obama in 2008 as the wealth-spreading collectivist we all know now – was just a rednecked bigot who gives conservatives and America a bad name.

Only one little hitch, Ms. Kelly: Guess what?

Although true, the missive was posted on the conservative media website “” – it in fact was penned and credited to a talented writer named; Kevin Jackson – ironically someone who shows up himself on various Fox News programs to give his unique perspective on race and conservatism…

By the way: Shhhhhhh… Kevin Jackson is black –!!!

Now before you go crying like a little school girl that anyone can make an honest mistake – Fox News and Kelly’s staff were made well aware the article was not the work of Joe Wurzelbacher and that posts dozens of articles daily from writers all over the world (as do most media publications).

– but Megyn had an agenda it seemed: She not only flat-out called Joe a racist, identifying him in no uncertain terms as the author – but never backed-off, never apologized and never acknowledged for what at best would be an amateur hour, “error” – and at worst, the intentional smearing of a well-known figure for rating’s sake.

In other words – Megyn stands by her actions because, darn it, that’s her job and she’s not apologizing‼

Source: Not the First Time Megyn Kelly Has Attacked a Republican Maliciously: