If there’s one thing the right can agree on, it’s that the American campus is in a desperate state. From Bill Kristol to Ann Coulter, there is consensus that higher education needs an overhaul. Whether it’s coddling “safe spaces”, kangaroo courts for rape cases, or out-of-control identity politics, there are no shortage of problems to fix at American universities.

Indeed, even the liberal establishment agrees that something must be done. It wasn’t a conservative magazine that published The Coddling of The American Mind, and it wasn’t conservatives who co-authored it. Even Michael Bloomberg and the Obamas have raised their voices against the spiral of irrationality currently consuming American campuses.

But who’s going to do anything about it? There’s me, of course— I’ve achieved a number of victories this year, including strengthened free speech protections at the University of Minnesota and the resignation of a pro-censorship professor at DePaul University. Despite being sniffed at by Reason editors and the think-tank set, provocation gets things done.