All of NBC’s shills and all of NBC’s lies couldn’t makes Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers rise. In fact, in the week after NBC launched it’s pro-Hillary campaign and turned its entire news and entertainment divisions into “all Hillary, all the time”, a new Reuters poll shows that her “support tumble[d] from 51 percent of Democratic support to just 41 percent.”

Everything began beautifully with the cast of “Saturday Night Live” selling their souls to protect Power with a rehabilitation skit specifically designed to portray Hillary in the most positive and sympathetic light possible.

From there it was a “Today Show Tongue Bath Townhall” co-hosted by Savannah Guthrie and Willie Geist, followed by an appearance on NBC’s Telemundo. MSNBC, primarily led by Andrea Mitchell, spent all of Monday and most of Tuesday gushing over it all. NBC News embarrassed itself to a point where a member of its own family, “Morning Joe,” refused to play along with the propaganda campaign.

Softball questions, pancake flipping, song duets .. and a massive cover up of the most disturbing news yet surrounding Clinton’s rogue email account.

Over her unsecured, home-brewed server,  Clinton pal Sidney Blumenthal disclosed the same of a CIA source. Moreover, new emails show that Clinton was undoubtedly using her position as Secretary of State to further Blumenthal’s business interests in Libya.

The good news, though, is that the NBC News campaign failed. Miserably.

Even though there’s a long way to go, the national mainstream media just doesn’t have the power it once did,  even in 2012. The bottleneck widens every year and more and more information is able to get out to the public.

Source: NBC News Fail: Pro-Hillary Campaign Results in -10 Point Poll Drop – Breitbart