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Mugshot Mosaic,

Mugshot Mosaic,

According to the New York Times:

Players who appear in the first 30-second ad, which will run five times on Friday, speak in personal terms about the effects of gun violence on their lives. Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors describes hearing of a 3-year-old’s shooting: “My daughter Riley’s that age,” he says. Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers recalls the advice he heeded as a child: “My parents used to say, ‘A bullet doesn’t have a name on it.’ ”

The N.B.A. said it had little internal debate about working with Mr. Bloomberg’s group, although it emphasized that its partnership was with Everytown’s educational arm and not its political lobby.

“The public service announcement airing during our Christmas Day games highlights victims’ and a few of our players’ experiences with gun violence and is solely intended to raise awareness about the issue of personal safety in our communities,” said Mike Bass, the N.B.A.’s chief spokesman.

The ads, he added, do not “advocate for any change in law or policy.” The focus, he said, is on “trying to make our communities stronger and safer for kids and families.”

Right, sure it isn’t. American patriots that is merely a statement that attempts to remain neutral, but neutrality is a myth. The New York Times openly states Bloomberg’s Everytown was founded “specifically as a counterweight to the National Rifle Association and battles at the local, state and federal level to expand background checks for gun buyers, strengthen penalties for gun trafficking and bans gun sales to people convicted of domestic abuse.” Therefore, by aligning themselves with Everytown, they are either stupid or they know they are, by affiliation, endorsing the very attacks on the Second Amendment that Everytown is engaged in…

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