Nader could be on to something here - Hit Google-Facebook-Apple 'monopoly' with antitrust suit... Click to Tweet

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader, concerned about fake news prevalent on social media sites, believes Congress should weigh in with antitrust legislation targeting Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple.

“The sooner the better,” he said at a National Archives celebration event for the 50-year-old Freedom of Information Act.

The influential Nader agreed. “Eventually it’s going to have to end up in Congress. First Amendment or not, it’s going to have to end up in Congress. You have four major monopolies now, redefined under our antitrust laws someday we hope. You have Google, you have Facebook, you have Microsoft and Apple,” he said.

Source: Nader: Hit Google-Facebook-Apple ‘monopoly’ with antitrust laws | Washington Examiner