These are crazy “gifts”.

A rumor recently circulated through Belfast, Ireland, that an old, abandoned church was about to be purchased by a group of Muslims who intended to transform it into a mosque.

That didn’t sit well with some local residents though, and they let the would-be buyers of the property know exactly how they felt about their plans for the church — and their religion in general.

It would seem that the rumors of St. Luke’s Church being sold to a Muslim group were unfounded though, as church leaders recently proclaimed.

According to the BBC, the Church of Ireland Diocese of Connor calls the story of the sale “completely untrue.”

BBC also reported that the pigs heads are being investigated as a “race hate incident.”

Chief Inspector Gavin Kirkpatrick declared, “Officers are currently carrying out enquiries into this incident which must be condemned by all.”

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as “free speech” in Ireland, and the overly tolerant attitude of many Europeans toward the potentially dangerous immigrant Muslims is only making it more difficult for Christians and others opposed to Islamic dominance to speak their minds and state their opinions, in whatever way they deem fit.

Source: Muslims Tried to Turn This Church Into a Mosque, Then They Found These “Gifts” on Front Steps