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The Islamic faith allows adult men to make “wives” out of girls as young as eight. In fact, sexual intercourse with young girls and child marriages are rather common among Muslims in many countries.

Western countries, however, refuse to allow this sick practice to take place on their soil. So when a 26-year-old Lebanese immigrant “married” a 12-year-old Australian girl he had impregnated, things didn’t exactly go as planned for the couple.

The girl’s father reportedly arranged for the man to marry his daughter in an Islamic ritual in New South Wales to save her from “committing a life of sin,” according to the U.K. Daily Mail.The girl initially did not want to marry the man because of their age difference, but the wedding nevertheless took place on Jan. 12, 2014.

Over the next month, the man had sexual relations with the girl at various hotels and, eventually, in a home he rented in Sydney.

An investigation was launched into the relationship when the man tried to become her legal guardian. In February 2014, he was charged with the sexual abuse of a child.

Charged with 25 separate counts of sexual intercourse with a child between 10 and 14, the man pleaded guilty in October to one count of persistent sexual abuse.

His student visa has been revoked and he is being detained at the Villawood Immigration Detention Center. At the upcoming sentencing hearing, he will face 25 years in jail.

Officials also arrested the girl’s father and the imam who performed the ceremony.

Source: Muslim Marries Pregnant 12-Year-Old “Girlfriend”… Then Gets Nasty Surprise He Never Saw Coming