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“War on Women”: Muslim Bride Gets A Honeymoon from Hell


For most newlyweds, the wedding night is one of the most special moments the couple shares as they consummate their love and celebrate their marriage.

But for one Pakistani woman, that special night was instead a night of torture as her new in-laws forced her to drink acid.

Officials said that 25-year-old Takreem Bibi had brought what the in-laws considered “insufficient dowry” to the arrangement, according to News 24.

“She was taken to hospital, where she died due to internal injuries caused by acid consumption,” police official Rana Riaz told News 24…

And to think Obama and the Democrats still tell American women that there’s a “War on Women” — waged by uptight right-wing Republicans, who want to deny “randy” liberal women on college campuses “free” condoms and birth control pills.

Source: Muslim Groom Sees What Bride Brought Him On Wedding Night… Honeymoon Turns To Horror