Gatwick airport

“It’s because of the attacks on America. They think every Muslim poses a threat,” Mohammad Tariq Mahmood told The Guardian. But other reports said Mahmood was denied access at Gatwick Airport by the U.S. government and told he would not be able to fly to Los Angeles due to a Facebook account that suggested family ties to Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

ITV News discovered a Facebook page under the name of Hamza Hussain, who claimed links to radical Islamist groups and also lived at the family’s address. The account listed the job titles “supervisor at Taliban and leader at Al Qaeda.”

Mahmood’s teenage son is named Hamza.

Mahmood said hackers or some other cause may be to blame for the Facebook posts: “That could be anything, maybe a mistake.”

CBS also reported that a DHS source said one of the brothers was refused entry tor Israel two years ago, though the BBC reported the incident took place eight years ago, unless the reports described two separate incidents.

Political correctness aside, the fact is that some Muslims have demonstrated that they do pose a threat to American security — a threat that needs to be taken seriously.

Had U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services done their job and properly vetted San Bernardino, California, shooter Tashfeen Malik, the victims of that tragedy might still be alive.

It doesn’t matter if the social media information was posted as a joke — and certainly the wording of those “job titles” on Facebook would appear to be some sort of prank — or by hackers. The information was rightfully included in a vetting process designed to keep Americans safe, and Americans need to take such indications seriously.

Source: Muslim Family Cries Racism After Being Kicked Off Plane, But Look What We Just Caught Them