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Muslim taxi driver was fined after he claimed his religion didn’t permit him to ride with a female passenger in the front seat of his cab.

Tamsir Drammeh was parked at a taxi stand on Eighth Avenue in Penn Station in Brooklyn when a family of four proceeded to climb into his cab in September, according to the New York Post. The husband and two children got into the back seat of the cab and the wife tried to open the passenger side door in the front seat, but Drammeh refused to unlock the door. He claimed his religion forbids him from sitting that close to a female stranger.

The family hailed another cab but not before getting Drammeh’s medallion number. The wife promptly filed a complaint alleging sex discrimination, which Drammeh lost. He even filed an appeal, which he also lost.

A judge didn’t buy Drammeh’s “religious” excuse and fined him $350 for discrimination. He was also suspended from work for one day. Judge Laura Fieber told Drammeh he needs to keep his religion to himself when serving the public, according to the Post.

“That his religion did not allow him to sit next to a woman is not an acceptable defense in an occupation that is operated to serve the public,” she said.

Source: Muslim Cab Driver in NYC Punished After Teaching American Woman Sick “Lesson” on the Quran