MSNBC Shows California Drivers License of Terrorist's 'Mom'... Invade Crime Scene Click to Tweet

MSNBC Shows the Face of Terrorist’s Abused ‘Mom’ on Live TV; Network Broadcasts an Un-edited Image of Rafia Sultana Farook’s California Drivers License

Photo Credit: Screenshot, MSNBC

Photo Credit: Screenshot, MSNBC (address and DOB removed by Revive America editor)

Little is known about Farook’s upbringing, though he grew up in a family in which his mother accused his father of being an abusive alcoholic.

Farook’s mother alleged in 2006 that her husband, also named Syed, attacked her while her children were present, dropped a TV on her and pushed her toward a car, according to divorce records.

Rafia Sultana Farook filed a petition for a domestic violence order of protection on July 3, 2006, against her husband, also named Syed.

Rafia Farook said she was forced to move out of her home with three of her children because her husband continually harassed her “verbally and physically and refused to leave the home,” according to the divorce records.

Source: Friends: Syed Farook Stopped Going to Mosque Weeks Ago – ABC News