MSM Freaks Out Over Trump Presser Click to Tweet

Liberals in the mainstream media did not take President Donald Trump’s no-nonsense press conference on Thursday, replete with lecturing on their bias, very well.

“Thank you for all of the nice statements on the Press Conference yesterday. Rush Limbaugh said one of greatest ever. Fake media not happy!” Trump tweeted Friday morning. Not happy is a bit of an understatement.

“This not a laughing matter. I’m sorry, delegitimizing the press is un-American.”

Clearly stunned by Trump’s unwillingness to play by the media’s fixed rules, the collective shock of liberal pundits and pseudo-journalists quickly morphed into a collective hissy fit.

“It was an airing of grievances, it was Festivus, it was complaints about the media, at one point he said the leaks were real but the news is fake which doesn’t make any sense whatsoever,” CNN’s Jake Tapper told Wolf Blitzer immediately following the conference. “It was unhinged, it was wild,” Tapper said.

Tapper could not even comprehend the meaning of Trump’s simple statement that the leaks are real but the news is fake.

According to the administration, the leaks are indeed real, but instead of digging into that very real news — where the leaks came from, who was responsible, whether or not they were legal —the mainstream media has hitherto been preoccupied with “fake” news, strained accusations about Trump aides colluding with Russian intelligence officials.But clearly the very thought of true journalistic integrity and impartiality frightens the mainstream media, perhaps even more so than the Russian boogeyman lurking under the bed.

Source: Chattering Class Freaks Out Over Trump Presser | LifeZette