Move Over Michael Vick... Shocking Undercover Video of Chinese 'Dog Meat' Festival Click to Tweet

These people make Michael Vick look like a puppy lover…  The story you’re about to read is absolutely sick and twisted.  But the undercover footage is even worse.  You are forewarned now of the graphic images below…

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Sad-eyed animals peering out of rusty crates and from behind the bars of slaughterhouse cages have ignited international calls for the Yulin Dog Meat Festival to be banned.

For the skinned and gutted carcasses of dogs hanging off butchers’ hooks, any hopeful U-turn by the Chinese authorities is already too late.

There are still 11 weeks before the town of Yulin witnesses the mass slaughter of an estimated 10,000 cats and dogs in its annual ten-day festival to celebrate the summer solstice.

Yet today animal welfare campaigners released video and photographs, claiming that 300 dogs a day are being killed in the city – with animals being beaten to death close to schools and within earshot of children as as young as six…

Source: Click to read full story – *** Graphic *** – Cats and dogs wait to be killed as countdown to Yulin Festival begins | Nature | News | Daily Express