A New York Times reporter threatened to reveal one of Montel Williams’ home addresses unless he cooperated with a story about Donald Trump, according to the political activist and former TV talk show host.

Attached to the message was a link to a Times story from Monday about Trump-branded apartment buildings in New York that are rebranding themselves in light of the brawling 2016 campaign.

The byline on the report belongs to Times reporter Charles V. Bagli, but Williams told the Washington Examiner that the reporter who was in contact with him and his representative was Times feature writer Jacob Bernstein. Williams has been critical of Trump’s campaign and has said he will vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Private direct messages on Twitter obtained by the Examiner show Bernstein asking Williams, who lives in one of the Trump buildings, to cooperate with the story. In his initial Oct. 19 message to Williams, Bernstein said he’s “working on a story about what effect Trump’s presidential campaign is having on the residential buildings he owns in New York.”

Source: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/montel-williams-nyt-reporter-threatened-to-publish-my-address-over-trump-story/article/2605741