Good for her.

A very brave University of Missouri student, Jessie Sharon, wrote a compelling post on her public Facebook profile on Monday that perfectly summarized how political correctness had turned her campus upside down.

“Today I learned that my university is run by its football team,” her post began. “Today I learned that the media cares more about creating a story than uncovering the truth.”

Sharon was referring to how a team of black players from the university’s football team had forced the university president, Tim Wolfe, to resign over accusations that he ignored alleged incidents of on-campus racism, none of which were even proven to have happened.

“Today I learned that the right of a small group to protest is more important than the entire student body’s right to the education they pay for,” Sharon’s post continued. “Today I learned that one man is responsible for the heinous actions of a few campus racists.”Sharon felt frustrated, and rightfully so, that the ongoing protests at her university — including one where a mob-supported professor threatened a journalist with violence on camera — have made it difficult for those students who simply want to learn.

“Today I learned that not supporting one group protesting racism makes you a racist, even though you support the fight against racism — just not that specific group,” she concluded. “Today I am not proud to be a tiger.”

In short, a group of racial grievance mongers at Mizzou have managed, with the help of the liberal mainstream media, to upend the entire educational process.

Source: Mizzou Co-Ed Writes Tiny Paragraph About Racism… Now Millions Are Are Clicking To Read It