Muslim Refugee Tried To Sell His Wife To Rapists To Pay People Smugglers Click to Tweet

The Europe migrant crisis is visiting yet another horror upon the hundreds of thousands duped by people smugglers to make the perilous journey to Europe — the rape of countless immigrant women by their own travelling companions.


Enjoying a literal captive market and possessing the facility of no morals or scruples human traffickers have found themselves at liberty to abuse their customers, and charge them exorbitant rates.

One way in which families being smuggled into Europe can pay the enormous amounts of money demanded by the traffickers is to sell their women into sex work, or to give in to direct demands from the smugglers themselves for the use of wives or daughters.

The fact that the migrants coming to Europe are predominantly young men make the journeys of the small number of women even more dangerous, as they are left helpless among their fellow countrymen. One 30 year old woman who experienced this abuse at the hands of other migrants has come forward to speak of her experience.

Susanne Höhne, a psychotherapist specialising in treating traumatised female migrants arriving in Germany and with patients ranging in age from “barely adult” to pensionable age said the family of the woman had run out of money in Bulgaria while on their way to Germany from Syria, reports the New York Times. Unable to make payments to continue their travels, her husband “offered his wife as payment instead”.

The woman was then raped daily for three months in lieu of payment — abuse in which her husband started to join in. The woman is now in hiding in Berlin with her children

Source: Migrant Tried To Sell His Wife To Rapists To Pay People Smugglers