To celebrate the “spirit of the holidays,” Microsoft released an ad this week best described as a collage of Left-wing pet causes. The commercial features sympathetic images and anecdotes for Black Lives Matter, Syrian refugees, transgender activism and more general LGBT issues.

In a likely allusion to the 2016 election, Microsoft says the year “has been challenging for many” because “much of what we hear in the news can be negative.”

“We wanted to lift people up and remind them that ordinary people can make a difference,” Microsoft’s description of the ad reads on YouTube. “”Our message focuses on the spirit of the holidays, people coming together and celebrating what is good and right with the world—what unites us, instead of what divides us,” claims the ad’s description.

The ad then features seven individuals, who according to Microsoft, represent “good and right” causes, which are anything but unifying issues — including two young children in connection with LGBT issues.

“Knowing that at least one adult cares can make the difference in the world to a transgendered youth,” says Jazz Jennings, a teenager whom the company’s press release acknowledges to be one of the youngest public figures to identify as transgender, in the ad. “Be that person.”

The other representative for LGBT issues is seven-year-old Zea Bowling, a first grader who says “People should let people be whoever they want to be.”

“We need our fathers and mothers to be by our side,” says another little girl, while scenes from a Black Lives Matter protest roll across the screen. That girl, Zianna Oliphant, is a child activist who whose speech was before the Charlotte City Council in the aftermath of the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott.