Miami-billionaire Bush Backer spearheads anti-Trump newspaper ads Click to Tweet


Mike Fernandez, a Miami health care magnate and Jeb Bush donor, ran a full-page ad in McClatchy’s Miami Herald Sunday and will run the same ad on Dec. 14 in Des Moines and Las Vegas slamming Trump and calling on voters to “’see the “hater’ for what he is– insecure, narcissistic BULLYionaire with a hunger to be adored.”

Fox News exclusively obtained the ad late Saturday in which Fernandez likens Trump to “despotic leaders” like Mussolini, Hitler and Peron.

“Mr. Trump portrays himself as someone who can do no wrong, unblemished by almost any human faults–indeed, the paragon of smarted and greatest. But his worst and actions tells who is who he really is– a destroyer,” Fernandez adds.

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Fernandez is the founder of MBF Healthcare Partners. He immigrated from Cuba in 1964 when he was 12. He donated $3 million to the former Florida governor earlier this year.

Fernandez, a noted Bush donor, didn’t mention him in the ad or any other candidate from either side of the aisle. Fernandez told the Miami Herald Friday he didn’t run his plan by the Bush campaign, but heard an earful when they learned of his plan.

Source: Exclusive: Miami billionaire spearheads anti-Trump newspaper ads | Fox News