McConnell: I might be open to “serious suggestions” on gun control after I meet with the FBI.


Urgent Message on Obama’s Gun Orders

Dear Conservative,

Do you trust Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to cut a deal with Obama on ‘gun control’?

Remember when Obama said “If you like your doctor or your health care plan you can keep it, PERIOD.” 

That was a lie, of course.

Obama’s been telling America for months that he has no plans “to take everybody’s guns away.”  In fact, he calls it a “conspiracy theory.”  

But not even CNN’s Anderson Cooper is believing Obama.

After the last radical Islamic terror attack that Obama blamed on guns, Cooper asked Obama point-blank, “Is it fair to call [gun control] a conspiracy? There are a lot of people who really believe this deeply,” the anchor continued. “They just don’t trust you.”

An incredulous Obama replied, “Yes. It is fair to call it a conspiracy”. Obama swore that he had no plans to “take everybody’s guns away”.

Obama then quipped, “I mean, look. I’m only going to be here for another year!”

But the fact is both Obama and Hillary Clinton are hellbent upon ordering Universal Gun Confiscation, similar to Australia’s government mandated gun buy-back scheme.

Here’s what Obama said in June 2014:

“Couple of decades ago, Australia had a mass shooting, similar to Columbine or Newtown. And Australia just said, well, that’s it, we’re not doing, we’re not seeing that again, and basically imposed very severe, tough gun laws, and they haven’t had a mass shooting since.”

Here’s what Hillary Clinton said in October 2015:

“You know, Australia’s a good example, Canada’s a good example, [and] the UK’s a good example. Why? Because each of them had mass killings… Canada did as well, so did the UK. In reaction, they passed much stricter gun laws.”

Frankly, Obama’s lawless ‘ACTIONS’ speak even louder than his words’!

President Obama’s latest string of unconstitutional executive orders are a big step toward Universal Gun Confiscation.

We can’t let these unconstitutional orders stand. We urgently MUST mobilize the grassroots to fight back right away, and we need your help to do it!

If you have already signed the National Petition to Stop Obama’s Gun Orders, please forward this email to every freedom-loving American you know.

But we also urgently need your financial support to keep the heat on Congress, who are showing signs of buckling to Obama’s demand for more ‘gun control’. 

Please join the fight now by making a generous financial contribution of $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can possibly afford to help Stop Obama’s gun orders.


The American people are organizing to fight back.

We must continue to make our stand here. Will you join us in the fight?

Thank you for all that you’ve already done.


Revive America PAC


President Obama just issued a series of lawless Executive Orders to strip away YOUR Second Amendment rights – another step closer to universal gun confiscation.

Congress must act immediately to FIGHT Obama’s
unconstitutional orders. We MUST mobilize the grassroots to fight back right away, and we need your help to do it!

Take Action – Tell Congress to FIGHT Obama’s Lawless ‘Gun Control’ Orders

President Obama: “So the gun lobby may be holding Congress hostage right now, but they cannot hold America hostage… Until we have a Congress that’s in line with the majority of Americans, there are actions within my legal authority that we can take to help reduce gun violence.”

Hillary Clinton: “I’m going to get those guns out of people’s hands… We need to make every politician who sides with [the NRA] to look in the eyes of parents whose kids have been murdered.

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