Surf City Police Chief Mike Halstead was forced to resign his position by the Mayor of Surf City, after posting his thoughts about the Black Lives Matter crowd on his personal Facebook page.

In his impassioned commentary, Halstead called the Black Lives Matter movement a terrorist group, admitted there is a race problem in this country which is encouraged and fomented by the government, the Obama administration in particular and folks like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and stated that he had warned his officers to be extra vigilant and take whatever action is necessary to save their own lives.

Shortly after the post appeared, Surf City Mayor Zander Guy called an emergency meeting to discuss the matter during which Halstead stormed out and was forced to resign.

Town Manager Larry Bergman, said “as public employees we are often held to higher level of scrutiny…”

Maybe it was this one sentence of Halstead’s post that upset the mayor most of all: A criminal is a criminal whether a police officer or any other profession.

You see, Mayor Zander Guy is a convicted felon. He was convicted of fraud in 1990 after he was accused of overcharging clients at his insurance agency and pocketing more than $15,000. Gov. Jim Martin commuted his sentence after Guy served three months in prison. He later was pardoned.

Go figure…

Source: Mayor who FORCED cop to resign over Black Lives Matter has quite the history of his own… – Allen B. West –