Maryland Schools Are Dishing Up Some Disgusting Food… So The Kids Got Their Revenge

Cafeteria food has notoriously been a prime subject for ridicule in every student’s lifetime. Mocking school lunches has become a rite of passage for anyone who has even eaten in a school cafeteria.

However, only four weeks into the new school year, some students have been so disgusted with their lunches that now, they’ve felt the need to fight back.

Students at Prince George’s County, Maryland, public schools began posting photos of their lunches on social media. The photos showcased mold splattered bread, chicken nuggets sans any chicken, strange-looking pizza and under-cooked meat.

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Their goal: send a message to the lunch ladies that they needed to clean up their act and stop serving jailhouse-like lunches.

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Complaints about the food started just one week into the new school year. The students are not only upset about the quality and freshness of their food, but also concerned about the exorbitant prices that they are expected to pay for these second-rate lunch items.

However, there is a bigger issue at hand, and that is food safety, explained Friendly High School senior Tamera Perry.

“Criminals are getting better food than we are,” Perry told WTTG. “You’re giving us something that’s not healthy, that can possibly cause us to die and it’s just unacceptable.”

Source: Maryland Schools Are Serving Up Some Disgusting Food… So The Kids Got Their Revenge