Most are fully aware of the president not showing support for our fallen and flags continue flying high in the sky.

He invited the family of a traitor named Berghdal to the rose garden to celebrate the release of our enemy.

He has yet to call out the terrorist who shot up two recruiting stations in Chattanooga.

Well, we don’t need permission to show our respect for five lives lost. I am reaching out to you America in hopes that we teach Obama about respect.I say we should come together and fly our flags at half mast until the 30th of July. The 30th will mark the two week anniversary of this tragedy. Let’s show the president what it is to respect this country and our fallen.

If you drive by a business, please go in and ask they fly that flag at half mast. If we get the whole country to do it the president might get the message. The message that he is just one man while we are the voice of America. If he won’t call for flags to be flown at half mast the American people will. Please share this and together we can show Washington what it means to respect…

Come join our FaceBook Half-Mast Challenge page and share your thoughts and post pictures of your American Flag at Half-Mast, so Obama can see that We the People want and will honor those brave warriors killed on American soil!

Source: Marines Facebook Challenge? Fly All Flags Half Staff Until 30th! Teach Obama Respect… ⋆ Dc Gazette