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Our nation’s colleges and universities have officially gone off the deep end with their agenda of progressive indoctrination, if the actions and rhetoric of college students exhibited over the past few weeks is any indication.

Admittedly, this has been a growing problem for decades, but the insanity has seemingly reached critical mass as of late.

At the heart of the issue are the increasingly vocal demands by economically illiterate students who want free college education for everyone and all existing student loan debt erased, culminating in the ridiculously over-hyped #millionstudentmarch hashtag.

These entitled brats think they somehow deserve a free college education, paid for by those evil 1 percenters.

What they overlook in their ignorance is that everyone before them had to pay for their education, typically by working hard to pay back loans or by sacrificing a few years in the military.

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“I wanted money for school, so I marched too… #millionstudentmarch This one was about 25 miles… #USMC”

Marine veteran James Erickson summed up the latter point quite succinctly with a tweet on Thursday that should have some of the oblivious protesting students searching for some burn cream.

Erickson’s tweet blew up the Internet for the day, with numerous commenters agreeing with his sentiment and calling out the idiotic college students for their lazy and greedy demands.

Source: Marine Sends “Million Student March” Protesters BOLD Message About How He Paid For College