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Being able to defend oneself from a terrorist or criminal is vital to surviving an attack, yet far too many people, especially teenagers and children, have no idea how to defend themselves from someone who wishes them harm.

Thankfully, a man named Victor Marx has been working to change that by traveling around the country and teaching students self-defense and anti-terrorism techniques, according to Scrap Digest.

Marx, who originally hails from Louisiana, grew up in a troubled home with an abusive father and eventually found himself enmeshed in a life of crime and drugs.

However, a stint in the Marine Corps, along with a passion for martial arts and a newfound faith in God, changed his life for the better.

Now the seventh degree karate black belt travels not just to schools around the U.S., but also to war-torn and poverty-stricken nations to serve as a missionary for both God and self-defense.

Marx holds the world record for the fastest gun disarm ever, and it is a staple in the presentations he delivers.

In this clip, after joking around for a moment, he quickly disarmed a volunteer.

In this longer clip, Marx demonstrated his abilities by disarming not just one, but two volunteers holding guns to both his head and his back, utterly stunning those watching:

The knowledge and wisdom that Victor Marx is passing along to young people nationwide about both self-defense and his faith could prove quite useful to someone who unfortunately finds themselves in a terrible situation with a gun pointed at them.


Source: World Record Holding Marine Shows What to Do if There’s Ever a Gun to Your Head