Scott Jurek, a top ultramarathon runner and bestselling author, recently finished a staggering 2,189-mile power hike that started in Georgia and ended in Maine — and all in record time. He crushed the previous world record by three hours after he finished his quest in just 46 days, eight hours and seven minutes.

Jurek and his crew of supporters finished the record-breaking hike by holding a small celebration on top of Maine’s Mount Katahdin, which sits within Baxter State Park. The victory party included popping a bottle of bubbly — just as like most celebrations would after achieving such a remarkable goal.

Once the champagne bottle was popped, that’s when things went awry. Park rangers, who weren’t happy about the celebration, made an example out of Jurek and cited him for “public drinking,” littering” and “hiking in an oversized group,” among other charges.

The littering charge came about when some of Jurek’s champagne splashed onto a nearby rock at the summit of the mountain.

Source: Man Shatters Record for Appalachian Trail Time, Then Government Makes Sickening Move Against Him