When an Indiana State Trooper pulled over Greg Barnes Jr., neither man had any idea that their interaction would soon be shared hundreds of thousands of times all over social media.

But, for once, it wasn’t the typical hate-fueled anti-police sentiment that we see being pushed by Black Lives Matter and other anti-cop groups. This time it was a positive example of the type of police interaction that deserves to go viral.

It started when Barnes was pulled over for speeding, which he pointed out in his Facebook post. The two men started talking and, at the end of the encounter, the respect shown by both men was captured when Barnes took a selfie of him and the trooper smiling.

“He ran my information, and in the end we talked more about how are individual days were going, and the situations and circumstances within our society that have lead to interactions such as he and I’s to play out much more negatively, some even deadly, than ours, than we talked about the situation that lead to him pulling me over,” Barnes wrote. 

Barnes then pointed out that bad apples are present in every profession, but that doesn’t mean we’re allowed to base our feelings off of one person who spoils it for the rest.

The incident also showed that when one is pulled over, a vast majority of police officers will show the level of respect that the person shows them.



Source: Man Gets Stopped For Speeding… Media Won’t Report What Happened Next