Good! Maybe other companies will follow suit.

In the latest piece of ObamaCare news that the liberal media has chosen to ignore, ABC, NBC, and Spanish networks Telemundo and Univision skipped on Thursday night and Friday morning word from United HealthCare from Thursday that it may withdraw from ObamaCare exchanges in the future after reporting losses of around $700 million for the year.

While ABC and NBC were joined by CBS in censoring this story from their Thursday evening newscasts, Friday’s CBS This Morning stepped forward with a measly 18-second, 46-word brief from co-host Charlie Rose that alluded to a Wall Street Journal piece on United HealthCare.

CBS took one news cycle to get a hold of the story, but didn’t take any time at all for the Fox News Channel and its evening newscast Special Report to devote a full story to the matter from correspondent Rich Edson.

Host Bret Baier declared in a short lead-in that “a major setback” is possibly “in the works tonight for ObamaCare” as “[t]he President’s health care law could be losing a huge source of the coverage provided.”

Filing from the White House, Edson reported that the long and short of it is that “participating in the health care law is costing the nation’s largest health insurance company too much money.” Edson then cited a statement from United HealthCare that revealed it could “drop ObamaCare in 2017 as it’s lowering the earnings expectations for this quarter by more than $400 million.”

Next, Edson provided excerpts from a statement released by the company’s CEO:

In a statement, the company’s CEO says, quote, “in recent weeks growth expectations for individual exchange participation have tempered industrywide, co-operatives have failed and market data has signaled higher risks and more difficulties while our own claims experience has deteriorated, so we are taking this proactive step.”

Edson also made sure to mention that such a story has given “ObamaCare critics” additional reasons to argue that “with rising premiums, fewer health provider choices, is another sign of the unsustainability of the health care law.”

Source: ABC, NBC, Spanish Nets Ignore United HealthCare Threatening to Leave ObamaCare Exchanges