Maher Skewers Pope Francis: 'Never Turn Your Back on a Priest' Click to Tweet

Host Bill Maher ended Friday night’s Real Time episode with his regular New Rules segment, and used the opportunity to deliver a few barbs toward the recent US visit of Pope Francis.

Although much of his closing segment focused on the new-age crippling addiction to smart phones, Maher — a famous atheist — could not resist a well-timed swipe at the Catholic Church’s sex abuse controversies.

Then he turned his focus onto his favorite target: religion, and he spared Pope Francis nothing. Maher said, “Here’s something even worse, and not just because the people in the shot think a man in the white dress has magical powers.” He set up a joke about school children turning their backs on the Pope so that they could snag the perfect selfie, and he finished with, “Someone should’ve told those kids you’re never gonna get another chance to actually meet this man, and also, for god’s sake kids, never turn your back on a priest.”

Source: Maher Manages Swipe at Pope Francis: ‘Never Turn Your Back on a Priest’