Gambino Mafia Boss Vows to Kill ISIS! Click to Tweet

Everyone knows that Obama is too weak, corrupt, and scornful of America to kill ISIS. This is why Giovanni Gambino, son of a key figure in the Gambino crime family, has vowed to protect NYC neighborhoods from bloodthirsty IslamiMEMEkillIsisc terrorists. GOOD FOR HIM!  But who’s protecting your family?

After Paris — with Obama flooding America with thousands of unvetted muslim refugees (potential ISIS killers and new Democrat voters) — it’s a question every American must ask themselves.

But one thing is for sure — our “La Cosa Nostra” t-shirt with the three-legged Trinicria symbol of Sicily is one sharp t-shirt that says it all: “Keep Calm and Kill ISIS”.  Of course, no t-shirt can protect your family.  But it will definitely look awesome as it conceals your favorite “carrying” weapon of choice!

Get Your “La Cosa Nostra” T-Shirt Now While They Last!  

(P.S. to silly liberals and the Feds: Buying this t-shirt won’t ‘feed ISIS’.  Moreover, the t-shirt designer is in no way affiliated with the Gambino family or any other crime syndicate).

Source: Mafia Boss Vows to Kill ISIS! | Teespring