Bernie Sanders has built his entire platform on redistribution of wealth, socialism and claims that he cares about the poor and middle class. However this latest news showed that Bernie doesn’t necessarily follow his own advice.

On Wednesday, Sanders dined in at Priscilla’s Gourmet Coffee in Burbank, California. He and his people had a bite to eat. Then, the bill came — and Bernie reportedly didn’t show much love to the waitstaff.

The group didn’t have much to eat. In fact, they ordered two dessert bars, a cookie, one chai tea, an orange juice and a coconut water, reportedly for Sanders himself.

Sanders did pick up the tab for his group, which totaled $16.25, TMZ reported. However, it was the tip that he left that was shocking considering that Sanders is the champion of the middle class.

The Senator left the waitress $2.44, a 15 percent tip to the penny. He didn’t even round it up to $3.00. Or even $2.50, for that matter.

Sanders has a reported net worth of $700,000, according to PolitiFact. He also talks a big game about being generous with funds of the American taxpayer. But Sanders didn’t put his money where his mouth was on Wednesday though.


Source: Look What “Man of the People” Bernie Sanders Got Caught Doing to Waiter