This is outrageous.

President Barack Obama has caused a heated debate over his suggestion that the United States allow in up to 10,000 refugees from Syria this year.

The Hill reported that Republicans were further outraged after it was revealed that in the past four years, the United States has admitted just 34 Syrian Christian refugees.

That’s barely 2 percent of the 2,100 Syrian refugees who have resettled in America. While Syria is only 10 percent Christian, this is still an absurdly low number of Christian refugees being let into America, especially considering Christians are the Islamic State group’s number one target.

There are many possible reasons for these low numbers. One explanation that has been floated is that Christians simply don’t want to leave, because they were protected under the Assad regime.

“The regime in itself is not a threat to the Christian community in Syria,” said U.N High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres in October. “The number of people fleeing Syria from the Christian community has been much smaller, as a percentage of the total Christian community in Syria, than what we have seen with Iraqi Christians in Iraq.”

That may have been true during the start of the war, but the Assad regime controls barely a third of Syria right now. Christians are being caught behind enemy lines and being butchered for their faith.

Many Republicans claim that these low numbers are a result of the anti-Christian bias in the U.N. and the Oval Office.

“If you’re from Syria and you’re a Christian, you cannot come into this country, and they’re the ones that are being decimated,” stated Donald Trump over the summer.

Source: Look How Many Muslim Refugees Obama Welcomed to US… And How Many CHRISTIANS He Let In