President Barack Obama stopped in Argentina on his way back from a controversial trip to Cuba, and decided to bring along one special item just for his enjoyment.

The president took not one but two Air Force One planes to Argentina, according to The Washington Times.

The first family traveled aboard the presidential aircraft sometimes known as “baby” Air Force One to go sightseeing in Argentina just days after a terrorist attack rocked Brussels, Belgium.

The Boeing 757 was used to bring the family to the scenic town of Bariloche in southern Argentina.

While jetting off around the country, Obama left the larger Air Force One, a 747-200, at the airport in Buenos Aires. The larger Air Force One, which the president used to fly back and forth from Washington, D.C., costs around $206,000 per hour to fly.

According to a FOIA obtained by Judicial Watch, taxpayers spend exactly $206,537 every hour for the world’s most famous plane. The document also disclosed that  “the Air Force does not maintain copies of passenger manifests after the active mission leg is complete.”

“Please note that the CPFH includes fuel, flight consumables, depot level repairables, aircraft overhaul, and engine overhaul,” the document continued.

Based on these figures, Judicial Watch estimated just how much taxpayer money the president has spent on his many trips.

 “Flights for Obama’s 2014 Labor Day weekend fundraising trips to Westchester, New York, and Providence, Rhode Island, cost taxpayers $527,192.50,” it said.

 “Transportation for Obama’s round-trip flight from Washington, D.C., to Westchester, New York, to attend a wedding cost taxpayers $358,490.90,” the study continued.

While we don’t yet know the total for Obama’s Argentina trip, we know the price tag is going to be a whopper!

Source: Obama Flies to Argentina… Look at the Unbelievable Item He Took With Him