Good grief. Do some research, POTUS.

President Obama went on television earlier today in order to pitch his gun control executive orders, eager to violate both the separation of powers and the Second Amendment, proving once again he thinks himself above the law.

The White House decided to tweet out a comment from the president about buying guns online, and apparently told a whopper fish story the size of Moby Dick.

Naturally, folks who actually understand the right to bear arms took to Twitter to set the record straight.

via Twitchy:



Obama and his progressive pals have never been the kind of folk who really cared much for facts, truth, or doing their jobs to defend our rights, so this isn’t too shocking to me.

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I mean, hello, this is the same man who also worked up some tears — going for an Oscar maybe? — and praised China’s gun confiscation program all in the same breath!

If he were just an embarrassment that would be one thing, but he’s a power-hungry, lying, arrogant, and dangerous embarrassment, which is a lethal combination for the U.S.

Source: Look What MASSIVE Gun Lie The White House Just Tweeted…