Puerto Rican singer Ruben Obed Martinez, born and raised in New Jersey, published an amazing music video last month in which he shared his undying support for 2016 GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

“Trump, Trump, Trump, this Latino’s gonna vote for Trump,” the smooth-voiced star sung in the video. “Lets get it straight. Who am I gonna vote for? I’ll vote for the man who tells me the truth, the one that we have prayed and hoped for.”

Martinez, 38, reportedly made the video to prove once and for all that, despite what the liberal mainstream media claims, not all Latinos despise Trump.

“A lot of things Trump says really resonate with me,” he said during an interview with BuzzFeed. “I felt an obligation to represent the other side of the Latino community that isn’t thinking this way”…

Source: LISTEN: Latino Singer Infuriates Illegal Aliens With Amazing New Song… Donald Trump Is Smiling