Some of the biggest sports stars have recently announced their support for billionaire businessman Donald Trump in his bid for the presidency.

It is not just sports fans who will recognize these famous names — but the list might still surprise some.

tyson freeuseHerschel-Heisman

Boxer Mike Tyson told WNYW that he agreed with Donald Trump that New York City’s appearance needed an upgrade. “If you want to get this city out of a dump, you better vote on Trump. OK?” Tyson insisted.

“He’s an underdog and no one likes the fact that he is winning,” said Tyson, who has never endorsed a candidate before. “I know Trump. This is a good thing. Vote on Trump,” the boxing legend continued.

Former NBA star Latrell Sprewell also voiced his support for the Republican front-runner on social media, simply saying “Congratulations.”

Likewise, NFL Hall of Fame Herschel Walker said that Trump is the best person to fix the nation, and agreed wholeheartedly with Trump’s decision to build a wall between the United States and Mexico.

“There’s not a doubt in my mind right now he is my front-runner. I’m not going to say anything negative about him because it’s not true,” the NFL star told USA TODAY.

Mike Ditka freeuse

In an interview with Chicago Sun-Times, former Chicago Bears Coach Mike Ditka announced his full support for Donald Trump.

“I think that he has the fire in his belly to make America great again and probably do it the right way,” Ditka noted.

tom brady freeuse

Perhaps the most famous star who has come out in favor of Donald Trump is New England Patriots star Tom Brady.

He told WEEI that “Donald is a good friend of mine.” But, he did not stop there. “I support all my friends in everything they do. I think it’s pretty remarkable what he’s achieved in his life,” Brady continued.




Source: LIST: Here Are The Sports Legends Who Support Donald Trump