Rush is usually right….

Rush Limbaugh says, “I have to tell you, whether she knows it or not, it’s over for [score]Hillary Clinton[/score].”

Tuesday on “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” Limbaugh said, “Sixty percent of the Republican vote in Iowa last night went for two Hispanics and an African American. One hundred percent of the Democrat vote went for a couple of tired, old, decrepit white people.”

“And I have to tell you, whether she knows it or not, it’s over for Hillary Clinton,” Limbaugh insisted. “I don’t know if that means she doesn’t get the nomination, or if she does and doesn’t win the general. This woman last night, on her stage was just a sight to behold. Parroting Bernie Sanders, calling herself the latest big, new progressive, talking about the same things Bernie’s talking about because last night in Iowa was the shock and the scare of her life. It’s 2008 all over again. This is not supposed to happen Mrs. Clinton is saying.”

“I don’t know if you see this, in the television coverage of Mrs. Clinton’s speech last night, she did not declare victory by the way, and they still [are] saying in some places it’s too close to call. How can that be? How can it still be too close to call? I mean, if it’s still too close to call, it means they’re playing games out there on the Democrat side. And of course you’ve heard about the fact that Hillary won six coin flips in a row, you know what the odds of that are? 1.7 percent. It doesn’t happen,” Limbaugh argued.

Source: Limbaugh: ‘Whether She Knows It Or Not, It’s Over For Hillary’ | The Daily Caller