Conservative host Limbaugh said the media is not celebrating Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s decision to drop his bid for House Speaker and the ensuing GOP implosion because the perception is that conservatives have won a victory over establishment Republicans.

Limbaugh told listeners:

“What it should tell you is that McCarthy obviously is a Washington insider, and his fall from grace as future Speaker obviously is bad news to the insiders or the establishment in Washington, both parties. And the reason for that is it is perceived that Senator Ted Cruz and the House Conservative Caucus are behind this, these Tea Party yokels, and it is viewed as these upstart conservatives taking control of the House, and they’re outsiders.

So you see that the insider elites are bound together not by ideology, but by class. If they were bound together by ideology there wouldn’t be a Republican in the establishment in Washington, there wouldn’t be a Republican lead allowed in. But the establishment in Washington is made up of people of both parties. The people not in it are conservatives, but Republicans, moderate level Republicans, liberal Republicans, communist Republicans, and all Democrats are in the establishment. Conservative Republicans aren’t.”

Cruz, a 2016 contender, delivered the same sentiment in New Hampshire last weekend at a forum on federalism.

“Washington despised Ronald Reagan,” he said. “By the way, if you see a candidate who Washington embraces—run and hide!”

“How do you break the Washington cartel?” Cruz asked. “The best example we’ve seen is in 1980. The Reagan revolution—that came from the American people who stood up to Washington and changed the path we were on—that’s how we change Washington. It’s gotta come from ‘we the people.’”

Source: Rush Limbaugh: GOP Implosion Feared by ‘Establishment of Both Parties’ – Breitbart