Dr. Ben Carson was right, and he knows it.

Retired neurosurgeon and presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson took quite a bit of heat recently from the liberal media after he stated that more people should attempt to rush and overpower mass shooters.

In Carson’s take, doing so could possibly prevent the criminals and psychopaths from killing so many innocent people.

One member of the liberal media who piled on Carson’s comments was the new host of Comedy Central’s “Daily Show,” Trevor Noah, who skewered Carson during one of his monologues last week.

Noah said, “Rushing a gunman? It seems crazy… It’s weird that Ben Carson would think a zombie strategy would be the way to go. Unless… wait a second. Slow, languid pace. Dead eyes. Loves brains. Oh my God, this explains everything, Ben Carson is a zombie!”

However, during a political convention this weekend, Noah sang a different tune rwhile speaking with political commentator and liberal strategist James Carville.

“Everyone rushed (to Carson) and said, ‘You’re crazy, you crazy man.’ And the first thing I say is, ‘Rush the gunman? Oh, he’s right. He’s actually right. If people rush the gunman, there is a chance that the person would be able to kill less people.’”

Noah added, “But he’s callous. And he’s not considering the fact that you’re talking about humans, and not soldiers… But I don’t come from a place where he’s wrong because I stand on the opposite side of him.”

Trevor Noah and Ben Carson are quite different ideologically speaking, but at least Noah was willing to admit that, at least in this case, Carson has the right idea.

Source: Liberal ‘Daily Show’ Host Insults Ben Carson… But Then Said Something Stunning When Cameras Were Off