All indications point to a 2016 presidential bid for Vice President Joe Biden, who is now expected to officially announce his candidacy in the coming weeks. This news follows mounting concerns about the legitimacy of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, as she undergoes federal investigation for her alleged mishandling of classified information through private email servers.

The VP fielded a private meeting with Elizabeth Warren over the weekend, and the White House has continually expressed President Obama’s favor for Biden, citing his selection of the Senator from Delaware as the smartest political decision he’s ever made.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest was quick to note that Mrs. Clinton is held in very high regard, though he did not go nearly as far in expounding on her significance to the Obama presidency. Could the White House be hedging their bets on Biden in the potential absence of this historical candidate?

Although the administration usually reserve’s it’s official endorsement until the primary is over, their attitude speaks to a potential shift in the Democratic Party’s roadmap for 2016. Perhaps most important for Obama’s presidential legacy is a Dem successor, and the polish is wearing thin in Hillary’s case, pending the outcome of her ongoing investigation.

Biden ran for President on two occasions, once in ’88 and again in ’08. While he’d have a fighting shot against Sanders’ platform as an economic populist, he’d still be coming from behind as an overall long shot against Clinton. This begs the question as to what the White House already knows about Hillary’s email misappropriation, and what that means for the months ahead.

Source: Why Biden Running For President Might Mean The End For Hillary | Pollitical

Photo: PoliticusUSA